“Contemporary Masters” in the News

Find out what people are saying about the latest 337 Project art exhibition “Contemporary Masters: Artist-designed Miniature Golf” on display at Salt Lake Art Center through September 16, 2010. Click on the links below to read complete articles:

Salt Lake Tribune: Golfing Beyond the Game
It isn’t easy. It also isn’t too hard when you’re having this much fun…..

Deseret Morning News: Salt Lake Art Center exhibit doubles as miniature golf course
Swing into art
: Salt Lake Art Center’s “Contemporary Masters” promises an experience so novel you can bet money that no one’s done it before….

Salt Lake Tribune Art notes: An arty set of golf holes, an exhibit of landscape art and Utah Arts Festival paintings
…in some circles art is seen as “elitist” and not very “friendly,” especially where families are concerned. “Contemporary Masters”…aims to change that

City Weekly: Contemporary Masters at Salt Lake Art Center
At the top of the long list of rules for visiting almost any museum is keeping your filthy hands off the priceless art. Although a necessary requirement, the distance between art and the viewer can create a disconnect. The Salt Lake Art Center and the 337 Project have decided to join forces and blow that time-honored regulation out of the water hazard….

In This Week: Contemporary Masters- Artist Designed Miniature Golf
In my head, art and miniature golf aren’t in the same compartment at all. I haven’t really ever thought of miniature golf courses as visually stunning. Until now that is. Salt Lake Art Center’s summer exhibition, which opened Friday and goes…

New Art Exhibition is Fully-Playable Mini-Golf Course
(KCPW News) A new exhibition opening in Salt Lake City tomorrow is more than just a work of art – it’s a work of art you can play on….

Mondo Fine Art: Contemporary Masters – Review
The Salt Lake Art Center’s Contemporary Masters mini-golf course is an unusual and imaginative way of presenting art to the public, allowing visitors to play with artworks, instead of just looking at them. Everyone can try their hand at the course – young children with their parents, older couples with cameras slung about their necks, and curious art appreciators can all be seen wandering through the exhibition with….

Salt Lake Community College Globe: It’s art, but you’ll still get a hole-in-one
The Salt Lake Art Center unveiled its biggest exhibit of 2010, Contemporary Masters, on Friday, June 17. If you’re thinking the collection includes pieces from fine artists like Damian Hirst or Julian Schnabel, you are wrong. The Contemporary Masters collection is a collaboration between….

337 Mini Golf – Salt Lake Art Center: 6/17/10
Check out pictures from Opening Night on the City Weekly website….

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